Breath of Magic (Lennox Family Magic, #1)

Breath of Magic

by Teresa Medeiros
1 Star Rating
1 of 5 stars

Precocious Puritan and aspiring witch Arian Whitewood spends her lonely nights dreaming of magic and excitement. She gets more excitement than she bargains for when she crash lands straight out of a witch hunt into the 20th century and the arms of Tristan Lennox, a reclusive billionaire. Arian blows through Tristan’s climate-controlled existence like a breath of magic, only to discover that the spell he weaves around her heart is more compelling than any enchantment.


I finished this book only because I have a need to finish any book once I’ve started reading it. The characters were impossible to relate to and the store progressed oddly. The romance was weird. I know this is a very vague review, but there really isn’t a way to describe how choppy and detached the story was.  

Overall, the book lack any depth that could have hooked me in. I was so disappointed because I had high hopes for this story, it sounded like a clever twist to time-travel themes normally seen.

Book Info

Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Length: 396 pages
Price: $5.99 on Amazon

Two-part Series
Breath of Magic (Lennox Family Magic, #1)
Touch of Enchantment (Lennox Family Magic, #2)

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