This Love of Mine (Raine #1)

This Love of Mine (Raine, #1)
This Love of Mine

by Amanda Bennett
1 Star Rating
1 of 5 stars

I needed an escape. An escape from my momma, a woman who cared more about herself than her own daughter. A woman who couldn’t stand the sight of me since my father left. A boyfriend who was nothing but trouble. Trouble that I couldn’t say no to.

Unfortunately, leaving them both would prove to be either the best decision I could ever make, or the biggest mistake of my life.


I am not quite sure where to start. The book was very rushed and only spans the space of a few days. There are all sorts of error in grammar, spelling and punctuation. The most annoying errors, however, were the ones within the story-line.

The time line is all screwy (which I would think should be impossible given the fact that this is all over 2-3 days). The motivation for nearly any action taken in this book by any character is nonexistent. Take a moment to let that sink in. I have never once read a book where everything that occurred made me think ‘huh? wtf?’ and that is how I felt this whole book.

It was a free book, but I am still regretting reading it.

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Length: 155 pages
Price: $2.99 on Amazon

Completed Series
This Love of Mine (Raine, #1)
This Trust of Mine (Raine, #2)
This Heart of Mine (Raine, #3)
This Courage of Mine (Raine, #4)

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