This Trust of Mine (Raine #2)

This Trust of Mine

by Amanda Bennett
1 Star Rating
1 of 5 stars

“Love cannot be defined by age or time, but by the way that person makes you feel. He made me feel completely vulnerable, but vulnerability I have learned is a gift, one that I will gladly accept from Madison Raine.”

Madison had irrevocably changed me. He opened me up to feel things I had never felt, and he never judged me for my past. In the short amount of time I had known him, I had fallen in love with him and everything he encompassed. He showed me how to live, how to enjoy life, but best of all, he showed me how to love. They say bad things happen to good people, well that saying rang truer to me now than ever before. Madison is gone. He is off at school in Arizona, and I just couldn’t bring myself to leave with him. That was my first mistake.
See the thing about trouble is, it will always find you. Trouble found me the night he left, and that night forever changed me. Now I am fighting my way back, alone.

Leaving Kayla was one of the hardest things I had ever had to do. To say I regret my decision to leave her behind, would be an understatement. My world shifted when I met her and I would forever be changed. Everything felt different now that I was away, everything with her at least. Something was wrong, I could feel it. I needed to go to her to find out what this feeling was, but would she trust me enough to tell me, and could I trust her to forgive me.

“When life, love and heart breaking circumstances stand to pull apart a bond so strong, what do you do without trust?”


*Contains very minor spoilers that occur within the first 8 pages of the book*

I did not finish this book and here is why….

Reason number one: 6 pages into the book KJs grandmother FINALLY asks her about a nasty bruise on her face that is just now healing after a month. Why the hell would she wait that long especially since she notice behavioral changes in KJ as well, and is aware that both KJs mother and ex are looking for her and mean her harm. Just so stupid.

Reason number two: 8 pages into the book KJ tells her grandmother that her ex found her and raped her. After asking KJ if she is ok physically- which Kj answers no to- the grandmothers next concern is is she has told Maddison and what the status of their relationship is. Then in all of her old woman wisdom she orders KJ to go call him right now. What that hell?!

Reason number three: After a month of no contact or communication of any kind Maddison has sex with some random chick who just so happens to look exactly like KJ.

At that point, I just decided I was done with this book and this author. I usually do not review books that I did not finish, but this is just so past the realm of horrible that I could not help myself.

I did buy this book after reading the first and hating it so I really only have myself to blame, but to be fair the 1st book ended on a massive cliffhanger and I always find it hard to stop a series once started no matter how bad it is. Also, I had the very naive thought that since the first book was so bad there was only room for improvement,, I mean how much worse could it get right? So wrong!

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Length: 197 pages
Price: $2.99 on Amazon

Completed Series
This Love of Mine (Raine, #1)
This Trust of Mine (Raine, #2)
This Heart of Mine (Raine, #3)
This Courage of Mine (Raine, #4)

Amanda Bennett
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