Seize Me (Breakneck #1)

Seize Me

by Crystal Spears
3 of 5 stars

Winter Belov was the sweet innocent one in her crime family, the dutiful daughter that never disappointed her father. One day, her father does the unspeakable. When he turns his back, Winter flees across the country, taking her life savings with her, determined never to enter that sort of lifestyle again.

No longer innocent, she now lives in Nevada. Lana is her best friend and the only family Winter has. Together, they are two of the best exotic dancers in the county. While working a shift, Pyro, Lana’s long time crush, propositions Winter. He begs her to do a private gig at Breakneck. She accepts, with the condition that Lana dances with her.

When Winter’s eyes lock with Braxxon Breaker’s, the President of Breakneck, she realizes she is no longer free; she has been seized. He is everything she is running from but at the same time, everything she wants. Braxxon will not take no for an answer, and purposely disrupts Winter’s life.

Rivals of Braxxon’s club are vicious and they do something that will have him out for blood. Winter’s and Braxxon’s relationship is anything but a normal one. If they want to be together, crimes must be committed, friendships will be broken and people are going to die.

What happens when all that chaos mixes with Winter’s father locating her? It will be a bloodshed when Winter and Braxxon seek revenge and take no prisoners.

Main Characters

My Winter Belov

Winter Belov: (a.k.a. Star, a.k.a. Angel) Described by Braxxon as “every man’s fantasy” with a toned body that is muscular but not overly so. She has long brown hair and golden eyes. Winter was raised as a mafia princess but is currently working as a stripper while hiding from her past. She is very protective of her best friend, Lana, and has a very unhealthy but hilarious love for gummy bears.

My Braxxon Breaker

Braxxon Breaker: His back covered in tattoos, one is an “intricate spine with breaks going through it from the back of his next all the way down. The word breakneck splits in two: break on the left side of his shoulder and neck on the right.” He is incredibly muscular with a scar running through his abs.  He has short brown hair, long lashes, strong jaw and gray eyes.  He has his lip pierced twice, side by side, with a chain connecting the two. President of the Breakneck Motorcycle Club.

Content Warning

This is an MC book. There are drug, graphic language and explicit sex.  Really it wouldn’t be an MC book without it.  However, there are also some torture scenes, rape, cheating and hard drugs.  These tend to be red flags for some people so I figured a friendly warning was warranted.

And for those of you who cannot get into a book if there are editing and gramatical errors, you may want to skip this one. Or at least be warned before starting it.  The point of view changes tense randomly, there are a lot of punctuation issues and a few typos.


This could easily be a 4 star book if there weren’t so many inconsistencies within the story and the characters.

Winter’s inner voice: She was raised as a Russian Mafia princess. Even though the mafia and outlaw motorcycle clubs are both considered “organized crime”, I think it is safe to say that they are worlds apart. So one could assume that she was given a good education or at the very least would speak proper English given that it is not her only language.  She has only been away from them for about a year, in my opinion this is not long enough for her inner monologue to be so poorly spoken and filled with “aint’s” and “wannas”. Pretty much everyone in the book speaks the same dialect that is associated with an MC even though they had vastly different upbringings.

Pyro’s beautiful grin lights up like the sun and somehow i gather I’m not gonna like the words coming outta his mouth next.

Also, Winter sometimes refers to Lana as “Lana” in her internal narative, and sometimes she uses her stage name, “Hazel”.  We are supposed to be reading Winter’s point of view, she would consistently think of her best friend by her actual name.

Part of what I love about MC books is the whole culture of a motorcycle club.  They have their own laws but follow them unconditionally.  They are fiercely loyal to each other and protect what is theirs. Old-ladies are considered a prize possession and treated with respect from all, even “club whores”. At first it felt like Spears was going to ignore these commonly accepted traits.

I nod in the direction of the shot up bikes.
He shrugs. “We have more.”

I mean come on!! Bikers love their bikes! It is an almost obsessive level of love.  Luckily, about 30% into the book Spears really caught her stride.  The Breakneck crew suddenly starts to feel like an actual motorcycle club and the narratives (and even the dialog) develop their own dialect that is more fitting to the characters.

I love that Winter is a bad-ass in her own right.  She is not a timid virgin or pampered socialite.  She grew up in a hard world and has backbone of steel to show for it.  Nothing brings out her strong nature faster than when someone messes with Lana.  Winter attacks anyone looking to cause Lana harm, physical or emotional, with the intensity of a mama bear.  On the flip side, I don’t like that Winter does hard drugs. Sure it is only every now and and then, it is not as if she is strung out, but that just feels too hardcore for me.  I am aware that this is a personal issues, not an issue with the character’s traits.  It makes sense that she would occasionally do cocaine given her life. As far as I am concerned though, she should just stick to gummy bears.

“She needs gummy bears,” Lana wheezes. “Get her some gummy bears. It’s like her crack; it’ll calm her.”

Braxxon is oddly well adjusted for someone who has experienced all that he has.  However, he has a hard time keeping the darkness that comes with an MC from consuming him.  He has nothing to balance it out, so he tends to stay in “aggressive” mode all of the time. Until now..

"She was made for me. I need my Angel in my Hell" Seize Me by Crystal Spears

“She was made for me. I need my Angel in my Hell”
Seize Me by Crystal Spears

He is a dirty talking master! He is not afraid to take what he wants and although he claims Winter fairly quickly, he still has his own intimacy issues.  These issues don’t stop the insta-love from taking over and his protective side from shining through.

All in all, not the grittiest MC book I’ve read, but not the tamest either. Not by a long shot.  They are an outlaw MC and she is a Russian Mafia Princess… do you really expect rainbows and kittens?

Book Info

Goodreads | Amazon | Barnes & Noble

Point of View: Alternating first person point of view. (Winter and Braxxon, clearly marked)
Price: $2.99 on Amazon (as of 1/17/15)

Ongoing Series* currently including:
Seize Me (Breakneck, #1)
Withstanding Me (Breakneck, #2)
Resenting Me (Breakneck, #2.5)
Shadowing Me (Breakneck, #3)
Discovering Me (Breakneck, #4)

*Each book in the series follows a different couple but share supporting characters.

Crystal Spears
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