Biker Bait (Lost Souls MC, #1)

Biker Bait

by Ellie R. Hunter
2 of 5 stars

Alannah Blake was born and raised in The Lost Souls Motorcycle Club. She grown up surrounded by men dressed in leather, blood on their hands and living by a code society deems morally corrupt. She couldn’t be happier at the thought of finishing college and returning home to the men she regards as her uncles and brothers, her family.

While she’s been at college, she’s been hidden from the ever growing, never ending feud between her uncle’s club and The Raging Riders MC.

Her uncle -Michael Blake- The Lost Souls president is under pressure against their rivals. In a game that long ago began, he makes decisions that place not only his brothers in danger, but everyone connected to the club, including Alannah.

Castiel ‘Cas’ Jackson is the Vice President of The Lost Souls MC and gave up the only thing that ever meant anything to him when his VP patch is threatened. His loyalty to his brothers and his club has never been a problem, until he got close to the presidents niece – Alannah Blake.

After breaking her heart before she left for college, can he keep his word to stay away from her now she’s back? With Michael’s decisions affecting the club and Alannah, can Cas figure out his presidents secrets before it’s too late for Alannah and the club?

Content Warning

Ends on a cliffhanger.  Contains violence, language and sex.

Main Characters

Alannah “Barbie” Blake: Long blonde hair, blue eyes. 5′ 4″ with slight curves. Her father, the previous club president, died of cancer when she was 6. She was raised in the club, by the club. Given the nickname “Barbie” because of her blonde hair and love of the dolls when she was younger.

Castiel “Cas” Jackson: Vice president of Lost Souls MC. Long brown hair, heavily tattooed, 6 feet talk with tanned skin.


Important note: Any of the quotes that I shared below are written exactly as they are in the book.  Punctuation errors and all.  I thought it would best show my frustration with this book.  It is a decent story in need of an editor… or spellcheck… or anyone to give it a quite read through.

I wanted to like this book.  I really did.  But instead I found it to be only mildly entertaining at best. If you have read my About me page, you know that editing errors are usually not a huge deal for me.  I make sure to mention them in a review because I know that some people find them hard to overlook.  This book is an exception to the rule.  I almost stop reading several times because the editing errors were consuming the story. It is not just typos or a slip up here and there. This book contains a lot of grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, tense mix ups, typos and even missing words. There were even parts where comas and periods were mixed up. To top it all of there were some slight story inconsistencies. Ahh!

The author, Ellie R. Hunter, grew up in England and it is reflected in the writing.  ‘Realized’ is ‘realised’, ‘come around’ is ‘come round’… stuff like that.  Everything had an English tint to it. But even so, there were words that were mixed up that you can’t really blame on different dialects.

I remained silent listening to them trash it out.

The story is told from an alternating POV, narrated by Alannah and Cas. There is a slight difference in their narrative style-he is more crude- but not a big difference. There isn’t even much of a difference in their dialog until halfway through the book. People do not all speak the same way! Dialog should be written to reflect that.

I did love how the bikers are protective to the core of their family and club.  They all love Alannah and treat her like a princess while still managing not to overly shield her from the grit of life in an outlaw motorcycle club.

“This is the only time I see you cry Barbie, next time, someone goes to ground. I dono’t care if he is a brother.” – Author Ellie R Hunter, Biker Bait

Alannah loves these men for what they are. She does not have blinders on when it comes to her family.

This is where I belong, with big burly bikers, their forever forgiving old ladies and to an extent the club whores, not that I gave them much of my time.

To me, Cas just isn’t a hard enough hero for this genre.  There are times when he is intense, but for most of the book he is completely whipped by Alannah, or begging for her forgiveness.  A biker hero is supposed to love hard and play hard. They are supposed to go soft on the inside for their woman but still stay strong on the outside. That is a large part of their appeal.

Alannah is pretty strong in her own way.  I mean, she would have to be given that she grew up in the club.  She can shoot a gun and a fiesty side that is fairly strong at the begining of the book but fades away as the story develops.  I wish it would have remain.  Instead she slowly turned into the biker version of a Stepford Wife.

The story does contain a fair amount of sex, but it is not as “sex crazed” as most MC books out there that are filled with dirty talk and hard sex (again… part of their appeal).

I’m not sure if I am going to continue reading this series. I will probably end up reading them if only so I can review them.

Book Info

Goodreads | Amazon

Point of View: Alternating first person (Alannah and Cas, clearly marked)

Price: $1.50 on Amazon (as of 1/20/15)

Length: Just under 200 pages

4 Book Series* Including:
Biker Bait (Lost Souls MC, #1)
Biker Faith (The Lost Souls MC #2)
Biker Bound (The Lost Souls MC #3)
Biker Born (The Lost Souls MC #4)- not released yet

*Each book in the series follows a different couple but share supporting characters.

Ellie R. Hunter
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