Series Reading Challenge


I’m sure every book fan suffers from this same dilemma. I have read so many books that are part of an ongoing series.  The only problem is that most of the time the series has not been completed yet.  So now, I want to finish the series, but to get into the story I need to reread the previous books.

Ok, so maybe the reason I need to reread the previous books in a series is not only to get into the story. It might also be that I am a bit OCD and I get a better sense of completion by reading them through together. (Don’t give me that look, we are all a bit crazy)

Sorting through all of my read books has not been easy, although it was easier that it would have been without Goodreads. I am making a reading challenge for myself; to finish reading the series’ that have been completed.

I am only adding books to this list that are part of a completed series from which I have already read at least the first book. Now I have a new dilemma…. Which one should I start with?!

Whatcha Thinkin'?

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