5 Scenes You Wish Syfy Included in Bitten

Don’t Miss Season 2

Bitten Season 2 premieres April 17th in the U.S.

Spoilers below

Do not read unless you have read Bitten and seen the first season of the show.

I do want to say ahead of time that I love this series. The comments below are just me analyzing something l enjoyed. Having a discussion about book is wonderful, comparing a book with a tv series is perfection.

Bitten: Book vs. TV

Elena’s Graveside Breakdown

Obviously, the person who dies is different in the books than it is in the show, but there was still an opportunity missed for the scene where Elena breaks-down on her pack-mate’s (Logan in the book) grave. In the book, I felt like this scene was a turning point for Elena, or at least for how we see her. We realized then that she is not as indifferent towards her pack as she tries to seem.

She was in such raw pain and I found it powerful that Clay had to be restrained just to get him to stay back from her. He couldn’t stand hearing her be in so much pain. It’s just another example of how deep and true Clay’s are feelings for Elena. The only reasons I can think of that they did not add this scene in the show are time constraints and the fact that it is much harder to show intense emotion on-screen than it is to show it in print.


The Princess Bedroom

This served so many different purposes for me. I really can’t think of a reason that they chose not to decorate Elena’s room the way it was described in the books. It shows how deeply Jeremy cares for Elena and adds some comedic relief by demonstrating how little any of the pack know about women.

It also grants us a bit of insight into Elena’s respect and love for Jeremy. She pretends to like it, or at least doesn’t say that she dislikes it, because she cares for Jeremy and appreciates that he has given her a real home for the first time in her life.


The Deer Hunt

While there is a vague reference to a deer hunt in the show, we do not get the full experience. Of course, I understand why. It would be nearly impossible to film this, even with all of the CGI available. The most basic obstacle being:How would we know what they were thinking? So, I add this to my list knowing that they were right not to include it, but who said wish’s were rational?

I liked reading about them working as a pack of wolves rather than a group of humans acting more like family than anything else. They don’t even use human intelligence when they are hunting the deer. Nick steps back during the feed, showing us some of the pack hierarchy and the level of respect afforded to Clay and Elena.

Elena also gets affectionate with Clay (in wolf form) by cleaning his face. It was interesting to see what her instincts are about Clay, how she feels about him when human logic, fears, and mental self-preservation are out of the way.


The Airport Chase

They did include some elements of this scene in the “abandoned warehouse” scene on the show. Like the other blonde female getting shot, her panic triggering the change and Elena hiding under cars. I think that was supposed to satisfy us. Well, I don’t know about you, but I wanted more.

I loved that Elena was comforted by Clay while she was in wolf form. Nothing else was able to reach through her panic except for Clay. She can’t even calm herself down enough to change back or even apply basic human logic. That is, until Clay makes her feel safe enough to calm down. It’s also the first time Elena realizes that she is, in fact, a mere mortal in a dangerous world. Sure she can turn into a wolf, she is strong and has exceptional senses… but that does not make her immortal.


Clay in Toronto

I saved the best for last. I wanted more of Clay in Toronto with Elena and Philip. It is essentially when her two worlds crash together. Slight cracks start to show in her mask. As a reader, this was when I knew for sure that Elena was not simply living in two worlds, where she was just a different version of herself in each. No, what Elena was doing was trying to be someone who she is not. Someone she thinks she is supposed to be in order to fit into society and be “normal”.

This also allows us understand her thinking when it comes to cheating on Philip. She really has segregated her two different lives, and by keeping them apart she is able to know who to be at any given time. It is not until Clay enters her “normal” world that Philip starts to see true aspects of her personality; the rough edges that she has been hiding.


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