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There are some really great blogs out there dedicated entirely to the Outlander Series. The wonderful thing about these books is that because they are so vast, there is so much to analyze, discuss and praise.

Outlandish Observations
Blog | Facebook | Twitter

A very active and robust blog that averages about 180 posts a year. Gabaldon herself has been quoted as saying it is “A beautifully done and entertaining blog.” They do not focus only on the book, but also discuss the Starz series as well.

A recent post that I just LOVE is a series of winter pictures of real life locations that served as settings in the series. The photo to the right is of Grandfather Mountain, NC, near where Fraser’s Ridge is supposed to be located. REPOST: Winter pictures.

My Outlander Purgatory
Blog | Facebook | Twitter
Another active site full of Outlander discussions, notes and pictures from both the books and the TV series. To me, this site has more of a playful feel to it than the others. It seems to be focused more on entertainment than information. I don’t say that as a criticism, I like the blog very much.

A Dram of Outlanderdram
Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Google + | Tumblr
A fairly new blog but don’t let that deter you. Because it is a newer site, it tends to include more modern blogging techniques; such as video clips from the actors of the TV series, podcasts and reviews of each Outlander episode. I really like that she includes information from other bloggers, reviewers and contributors.

Outlander on Starz

Website | Amazon | Twitter | Facebook | Store

Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan

I know I’m not the only Outlander fan that was nearly catatonic with joy when I found out that they were going to create a television series based on the Outlander books. Then, I was worried. I figured they were going to ruin it by trying to make it more “edgy” or something like that. I am so glad that I was wrong. The show has stayed pretty true to the books. Of course there are a few changes, but nothing that takes away from the story.


Caitriona Balfe: Actress playing Claire
Twitter | IMDb | Wikipedia


Sam Heughan: Actor playing Jamie
Twitter | IMDb | Wikipedia


Costume Design

Terry Dresbach
Co-costume designer for Outlander
Blog | Twitter 
If you’re looking for more information and behind the scenes goodies, check out Terry Dresbach’s blog. There are some really cool stories and insights on the set and the challenges of creating the breathtaking costumes we see on the show. For just a taste, check out this video.


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