April is a big month in television for
all of us book junkies!

Outlander Season 1 Part 2 | Game of Thrones Season 5 | Bitten Season 2

The truth is, it is rare that a TV show does a book justice. I mean really, how could they? Reading a story provides much more depth than any TV show could ever produce. What takes up several pages of a book as an internal monolog, the actor might only have 4 seconds to express using only their eyes and body language. No easy task.

Lucky for us, we have some wonderful writers, directors, actors and producers working in television right now. They seem to understand what can and cannot be cut from the book in order to maintain the storyline and not butcher a story that has such a large following.

Obviously they cannot include everything. It would be far too long and honestly, have you ever noticed how some things are ok when we read them, but don’t translate to the screen?

A very basic example is toward the beginning of Bitten, when the pack encounters the hound and hunters in the woods. In the book, Elena provokes the dog into attacking to serve as a diversion and Clay kills the dog, in the show she just gets the dog to start barking and that is the end of it.

It is a small difference in the overall story, but that is just an example. Viewers don’t want to see a dog killed; even if it is not real. There are much larger issues where this applies and it takes skill and respect for the books to be able to tell the difference.

Basically, the show’s creators have to attempt to live up to the imaginations of millions of fans and create a show that evokes the same or at least similar emotions. They have to try to please as many people as possible, without making the story bland or overly commercialized.greyston

Bitten is getting close to pushing that boundary by taking ever opportunity to show Clay’s (Greyston Holt’s) naked butt; since it is such a fine ass, I’ve decided that it is ok.

What all of this means for us? Some kick ass entertainment and the chance to see some of our favorite stories on TV.

Game of Thrones

Premiers April 12th on HBO

Follows the books?
There are some differences, but where it matters the show follows the books and is pretty dead on. It is almost as if the show is what happens between chapters of the books. The books feel more like a statement of events to me without much emotional substance.

Show vs Book
I prefer the show. I know, I know… how dare I?! The truth is that the show contains more emotion, more romance, and more sex than the books. I am biased though. If a show, book or movie doesn’t have a love interest I get bored. Plus, who doesn’t want more nookie in their lives?

I know that the details are part of what makes the books so amazing, but I like that the show focuses less on every person’s lineage.

Costumes and Sets
The cinematography is simply breathtaking. There isn’t much more to add on that subject.

It’s tricky if you think about it. The costume designers have to merge fantastical with the period-like clothing from a time and place that doesn’t exist. Everything needs to be something that could be created in their world given their mishmash of knowledge, technology and magic.


Premiers April 4th on Starz

Follows the books?
So far, the show follows the books very closely.

Show vs Book
The books are better, but not by nearly as much as I would have thought. It is a damn good show.

Costumes, Casting and Sets
The casting choices are perfect and boo to everyone who doubted “herself’s” opinion or Sam Heughan as Jamie. He rocks it. Don’t even get me started on Catriona Balfe as Claire. She manages to convey strength and intelligence while still showing emotion and not acting like a robot.

The costumes and sets are stunning. Scotland is basically a character in these novels, I’m glad to see it get some screen time. Given that the there are several scenes of the character “living rough”, I’m impressed with how they have managed give us a taste of all types of 18th-century garb.


Premiers April 17th on Syfy

Follows the books?
The show is based on the books and follows the same story; however there are some pretty important difference.

Show vs Book
Again, I have to say that the show is better. The books are sort of an information dump and don’t have much in the way of dialog. It’s a personal preference, but I like to read about the back and forth between characters.

Costumes and Sets
The CGI with the wolves is very good and the casting is perfect. Thank God they didn’t cast Nick with the 80’s porn ‘stach!

Bitten | Outlander | Game of Thrones

Bitten | Outlander | Game of Thrones

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