Category Descriptions

I have so many books that I’ve read before I started reviewing, so even though I have not written a full review on these books does not mean that I haven’t rated them. Check out my recommendations in each category for more of my ratings.

Abuse and Heavy Content

I created this category mostly as a disclaimer. I know that some people find abuse or intense scenes to be a trigger, so I like to give people fair warning when recommending a book that includes those themes. And if you love the picture to the right, check out the artist’s other work here.

>Abuse and Heavy Content Recommendations

Alpha Man

A good alpha hero is on just about everyone’s guilty pleasures list. If it is Navy SEALS, Vikings, Billionaires or Cowboys, we romance fans can’t seem to get enough. Check out my Alpha Man shelf for some good recommendations.

>Alpha Man Recommendations

Bad Ass Heroines

I love me some bad ass heroines! There is a time and a place for the blushing virgin. Sometimes you just want the heroine to fight back, to handle her own shit. This category is for anyone who enjoys a strong and independent heroine, usually with some attitude thrown in.

>Bad Ass Heroine Recommendations

Bikers and MCs


Sons of Anarchy started a cultural shift in the book world. Outlaw bikers are the new rogues. They fight hard and dirty, play hard and dirty, and love hardest of all.

>Biker and MC Romance Recommendations

Book Porn with Plot


Don’t pretend like you don’t read these. *cough* 50 Shades of Grey *cough* I’m all for some good old-fashioned smut, but I like it to have a plot that goes beyond the erotic exchanges.

>Book Porn with a Plot Recommendations


Dealing with the paparazzi is, and even harder when trying to start a relationship. Never knowing if you are wanted for yourself of your status adds an interesting layers of angst to any story.

>Celebrity Romance Recommendations

Did Not Finish

It is very rare that I don’t finish a book. Once I’ve started a book or a series I feel compelled to finish them. Chances are, if a book ended up in this section.. it is REALLY bad. It takes a whole lot before I will turn away from a book.

>Books I Could Not Finish

Dystopia and Post Apocalyptic

Some zombies, but not all zombies. Just because the world ends doesn’t mean zombies come out to play, it could just be power-hungry psychos or lack of resources. It can be YA or very adult but either way, reading about end times is way more fun than experiencing it would be.

>Dystopia and Post Apocalyptic Romance Recommendations


Don’t mind laughing out loud while reading in the waiting room? Then these are for you. Reading a quality humorous romances novel can brighten up just about any day, as long as you don’t mind looking mildly insane while do so.

>Funny Romance Recommendations

High School and College Love

It goes by many names, YA (young adult), NA (new adult) to name a few and is often misunderstood. Just because it falls into the YA category does not mean that it will be silly or poorly written. There are some very deep and moving YA books out there. This doesn’t mean that the story or romance has anything to do with the act of going to school. Sometimes is just means the characters are “college aged”.

>YA and NA Recommendations


When it is done right, historical romances can suck you into the past; completely transporting your mind to another time. I think we can all agree that the Outlander series has set the bar on historical romance.

>Historical Romance Recommendations

Preggers, Babies and Kids


Love reading about our strong book boyfriends brought to their knees by a baby? How about funny smart-mouthed kids? They are sure to make any relationship interesting!

>Babies, Preggers and Kids Recommendations


Sex, drugs, rock and roll… That’s the saying right? I love going on tour with my rockstar book boyfriends. The music, crazy fans and usually kinky sex. Of course, the downside is they almost always know that they are God’s gift.

>Rockstar Romance Recommendations

Shifters and Werewolves

Mmmm.. werewolves and shifters. We all have our favorites; Jacob, Clay and Curran to name a few. But watch out, it’s not just a boy’s club, Faythe and Elana can hold their own against the men-folk.

>Shifter and Werewolf Romance Recommendations

Time Travel

A modern woman in a time before showers? Yikes! How is it that authors manage to make a romantic scene without indoor plumbing? It is a gift!

>Time Travel Romance Recommendations

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